Google Board Cuts $1B Addiction AdWord Market Off At Knees

10/07/2017 -ATIN - In an unusual decision made at Google's highest levels - probably its board - the iconic tech giant has cut what was once a highly vibrant and thriving addiction treatment Adwords market off at the knees, a market that Treatment Magazine estimates could easily have topped $1B a year in ad purchases.

It is impossible to overestimate how unusual Google's moves - they have ressentially closed addiction kryword marketing, claiming widespread deceptive marketing tactics - have been. We believe it represents a dangerous precedent for politically motivated interference in the Adwords marketplace, which functions as a kind of stock market for ad pricing. It is no exaggeration to say that Adwords represents one of the greatest efficiency leaps in the history of capitalism, finally bringing to the huge ad markets the kind of price discovery modeling the economy had long been used to in securities, commodities and other key marketplaces.

Madison Ave, once the Wall Street of the advertising and marketing fields, was for decades a bloated hotbed of corrupt business relationships where trying to make sense of why and how hundreds of billions of dollars in advertising and marketing products were priced was an excercise in futility. The opacity of Madison Ave marketing and advertising markets allowed for the proliferation of low quality vastly overpaid insipid executives the lifestyles of which will be forever immortalized in the classic TV series Mad Men.

Treatment Magazine considers the Google addiction treatment Adwords story to easily be among the top five most important stories we have ever covered in the addiction treatment marketplace and certainly the most important treatment marketing story we have ever covered.

We have begun what is by far the largest and most expensive editorial effort in our nearly 15-yr history. And, as usual, you can count on us to get to the bottom of it.

Stay tuned... and, of course, thank you for reading Treatment Magazine.

Ted Jackson

Editor and Publisher


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