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01/21/2017 - ATIN - Local press out of Pennsylvania's Poconos region is reporting vociverous opposition to a proposal to convert a large resort property in the scenic area that was decades ago an East Coast holiday mecca, but that now is littered with out-of-business resorts.  The Pocono Township Planning Commission has already rejected the project, which investors in the proposed project explained at a recent public hearing  would be a Betty Ford style upscale private center, according to reports.

Vociferous Opposition

Reports said that the planning board had already decided not to reccomend the project, which wouldl convert the former Ceasar's Brookdale Resort in Swiftwater, PA, into a privvately owned and rather large addiction treatment center. Despite it's earlier decision to reject, the board felt it appropriate to hold another public hearing where both sides could air their views.The project is being backed by three individual investors, reports said.

Huge Jailing of Addicts

The report quoted a high state official as saying that as many as 90 percent of addicts in the state that need treatment are languishing in jail due to a lack of access to care,a  proplem that is nationwide. It is doubtful that the proposed center in Swiftwater would do much alleviate this type of problem as their center would be high-end costing as much $50K, very likely for a typical 30-daystay.

NIMBY Huge Impediment to Industry Growth

This is just the latest example of nationwide NIMBY - not-in-my-backyard - local opposition to addiction treatment industry expansion. Residents typically see the gathering of addicts in centers near where they live as a threat when in fact in maany instances new centers can transform neighborhoods for the better. A perfect example is the approximately six acre campus of The Florida House in Deerfield Beach, FL. Owner and fiounder Sherief Abu Moustafa has built one of the largest centers in the country, recently adding a $!2M residential building, that over the last decade has vastly upgraded a neighborhood that was well into a decay spiral. Despite that, he has also had to overcome strong local opposition to his expansion.

Treatment Magazine's Extensive NIMBY Coverage

Treatment Magazine has over the years documenteed dozens of high profile examples of addicction industry NIMBY battles.

Those who might be interested in learning more can go our website and type "NIMBY" into the search function in the upper right of our homepage.

Ted Jackson

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written by nelson, January 22, 2017
Can't find Pocanos on Google. Did you Mean Poconos?
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