ODs Continue Skyrocket, NJ Gov Amps Addiction Fight

01/21/2017 -ATIN- The atmosphere of crisis surrounding addiction in North America ramped up anotheer notch this week as the province of British Columbia announced a sickening 80 percent jump in overdose deaths within its borders and New Jersey governor Chris Christie declared he would devote the rest of his time in offfice to finding ways to combat the surging levels of death and destruction caused by addiction.

Christie One Step Behind Shumlin

Governor Chris Christie, who was unceremoniously dumped off the Trump train by a close Trump associate seeking revenge against Christie who prosecuted his father while Christie was a U.S. attorney years ago, devoted the bulk of his State of the State address to the ravages of adddiction. In this sense, Gov. Christie is way behind the curve compared to other governors like Vermont's Peter Shumlin who in a 2014 pioneering State of State speech devoted its entirety to the issue of adddiction, the first time in U.S. history a governor had devoted the key annual address to a single topic.

BC Reports Huge Jump in Overdose Fatalities

The province of British Columbia, especially due to its geographic location on the far West Coast of North America and ample availability of highly isolated landing points, is one of the greatest crisis locations as those who experiment with drugs find themselves falling into the bewildering time when the drugs finnally reveal themsleves as your mortal enemy after years of posing as a friend. Official statistics in the Canadian province, who's importance is only eclipsed by the heavily populated Ontario where the country's financial capital of Toronto is located, just reported what might be the largest year-on-year jump anywhere in the Americas. Last year just slightly over 500 people died in overdose deaths in BC, while this year more than 900 did so.

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