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01/20/2017 - ATIN- World famous Caron center has found success with its new high-end executive Grand View Program, CEO Doug Tieman and the program's director told Treatment Magazine on a recent visit to the center's home campus. They say that census is running at close to capacity, which is small at just 10 beds. But when Grand View is combined with its high-profile Ocean Drive super high-end program in South Florida, Caron has established itself as clearly among the nation's leaders in the boutique high-end of the treatment business - among the most profitable and highly competitive sectors of the addiction treatment marketplace.

Maximizing Use of Huge Home Campus

Tieman told Treatment Magazine that in building out the Grand View program, work on which was started about two years ago, Caron spent millions renovating a 19th century mansion that is part of the center's expansive 150 acre home campus near Reading, PA, about an hour's drive from Philadelphia. Part of that start-up spend was also spent on buiding new facilities for housing and renovating other buildings. Despite there being a ton of construction and facility change going on at Caron's home campus, the prinicpal project being the $15M Carol and Ray Neag Medical Center that represents Caron's vision of the incorporation of medical models in to its care, disruption and intrusion for clientele is virtually non-existent.

Executives Deserving of Tailored Care

Many are derisive of executive programs, seeing them as elitist and perhaps over pampering. But Tieman disagrees, seeing executives as deserving as anyone else of the tailored individualized care that is at the core of Caron's clinical approach. "From my experience, I know that executives want to be treated by sophisticated therapists who understand and can address their specific needs," says Tieman. "They want to be with likeminded peers who can relate to similar work, family, and financial issues and to be treated in a program that doesn't compromise their professional responsibilities during or after treatment. Grand View takes a clinically superior approach by addressing these critical elements in a comprehensive treatment setting."

Veteran Caron Clinician Heading Program

Heading the Grand View Program is Samantha Smith, a veteran of nearly a decade moving through and up the Caron clinical ranks. Smith is modest and downplays the importance of her as the choice to run Grand View. But clearly top Caron management must have had a very high degree of confidence in her clinical acumen, management skills and interpersonal skills in dealing with a very demanding class of clientele to put her in charge of the launch of the multi-million dollar investment Grand View represents for Caron.

Ted Jackson

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