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01/09/2017 -ATIN- Anyone reading the weekend editions of our nation's two national newspapers, The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, couldn't help but be left with the impression top editors and news executives have the addiction problem  on the brain - big time. The papers seemed to have finally noticed what has been true for many decades, and even much longer, really, which is that substanvce abuse is this nation's biggest social scourge by far - as it seems to be pretty much everwhere else as well.

WSJ Devoting Extensive Staff Resources

The importance that editors at WSJ are attaching to the addicction surge, mostly focused - and for good reason- on the fentynal-driven opiate overdose death march of late, is the fact that they put a staff reporter on assignment to get an update on whether or not a peak was in sight for ever higher record OD levels, something that was just reported in official Centers for Disease Control stats. The average reader would not understand the importance of a WSJ editor assigning reporter Jon Kamp to do an update on opioid-related fatalities just weeks after release of 2015 official stats showed that it's same story/different day, with OD's far surpasssing auto fatalities etc..But what it shows is that editors are willing to devote scarce and expensive staff reporting resources to get readers news and data on the epidemic addiction crisis in as close to real time as possible. It's akey indicator that at the WSJ addiction has become a very important beat indeed, very often of late getting its reporters major front page play.

Another Multi-Page NYT Opioid Tragedy Take-Out

Frankliy, these multi-page take out pieces the NYT have been running - featuring tatooed miserable looking folks who obviously haven't had a chance to score that day - are getiing to be telling the same story with diferent names every month or so. And given the exhalted demogtaphic that typifies the NYT readership, this type of story might elicit little sympathy.  But at least the NYT seeems to be trying.

Slaughterhouse House Brazil

And then, of course, we had the usual drug war fare, learning that 33 people were murdred all at once in Brazil (too far away to care,  riight?) while in jail. I'lll  let our readers basic intelligence let them figure out who had to know what, paid what, etc... for something like this to happen.....

And round-and-round the endless merry-go-round we go... day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year ''s the same merry-go-round cause too many have a stake in the status quo and too may turn a blind eye annd to few have the guts to tell the truth.

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