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01/27/2016 -ATIN - In an indication of the growth and increasing maturity and continued movement toward professionalized management in addiction treatment, a true addictions specialty recruitment service has grown and developed. First profiled in the pages of Treatment Magazine in the last couple of years, the South Florida service company CEO reports that growth has been so phenomenal that digs they just prepared and moved into, expecting they would serve the needs of the firm for three years, have now become too small and work has already begun to prepare for a move to a location that can accommodate 45 employees, up from 16 currently, he said.

Valeo Says $15M of Salaried Jobs in 2015

Valeo Resources CEO and founder Rob Murphy, in a conversation with Treatment Magazine recently, spoke of the strong growth of the company. This magazine felt early on that because of the backing Murphy had, his and his top lieutenants' understanding of recruitment as a business in general and their adroit use of money and time saving cutting edge recruiting tech, Valeo might develop into the first true recruitment enterprise to grow out of this industry. This appears to have turned out to be the case. Our experience is that recruitment in addictions has until now been mostly an ad hoc type of service, with this human resources related function mostly handled in-house with some individuals from time-to-time making it a consulting specialty. But until now there really never has been the development of a firm, and certainly not like one Valeo appears to be developing into. "We have now worked with a broad range of addiction treatment companies as more and more investment dollars pour into the industry and it expands," says Murphy, who has found the attendance at conferences such as those held by Foundations and others to have been especially key in landing jobs that have led to growth spurts. "One metric that I'm especially proud of is that in 2015 about $15M of salaries were paid out where we were placement agents," Murphy said.

Highest Level

At the highest level of the treatment industry, with highest having the dual meaning of top C-level recruitment and also the largest addictions players like Hazelden, Phoenix House, Gateway Chicago and the like, recruitment has often been handled by a big firms with consulting and recruitment arms and not having any particular specialty or roots in treatment. For example, Gateway Rehab hired a firm called Vantegen, also based in Pittsburgh as is Gateway Rehab, when it sought to replace retiring Gateway Rehab CEO Ken Ramsey, among the top treatment industry growth movers of the last quarter century who built Gateway Rehab into the Ohio and Pennsylvania treatment behemoth it is today.

Growing Array of Clients

Talking about exactly who his treatment clients are and have been is tricky for Murphy, because he does not want to give possible leads to potential competitors. After all, success attracts imitation and Murphy, although confident, doesn't want to make it any easier for potential and actual competition. But one large client has been fast growing Sunrise Detox, with its roots also in the big South Florida addiction treatment"hub" and who Valeo has worked closely with in establishing thriving locations in New Jersey and elsewhere.

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Correction: There was an error in one of the headlines of the the emailed version of the story that would have been seen by those who have signed up or receive our ATIN newswire. Valeo Resources CEO Rob Murphy says that $15M was paid out by Valeo Resources in salaries where they acted as recrutment placement agents, not $1.5M as one of the headlines said. Murphy is now satisfied that the information in the story above is correct.
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