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01/25/2016 -ATIN - Entrepreneur Serenity Acres founder and CEO Larry Adler is at it again, announcing that he will soon be doubling the capacity of his addiction treatment property, located in one of the most picturesque areas to be found anywhere along the Middle Atlantic coast and just a short drive from Annapolis, Maryland.  For Adler, this is his second successful business, the first being he says a security business he says he built up over 10 years and sold off in pieces ending in 2011, the same year Serenity Acres was founded.

Unique Property, No NIMBY

"We have not had any NIMBY to speak of," Adler told Treatment Magazine, referring to the almost universal "not-in-my-backyard" community opposition to the expansion or building of new centers that is the plague of addiction industry expansion. Outside of Chicago, Kiva Recovery principals lost big money on an attempted school property conversion fight in a heartbreaking loss Treatment Magazine followed closely - heartbreaking not just from the standpoint of the Kiva guys who worked hard to get the key start-off property they wanted, but also because the Chicago area is relatively bereft of stand-alone higher end centers. Behind Adler's relative NIMBY ease was a rather unique 30 acre property where Adler  has now acquired control of all seven luxury homes that together form a single grouping of custom built homes whose properties are contiguous, Adler says. Adler, from interviewing him, is clearly an articulate and persuasive guy. He's also lucky though. As he has bought the homes in stages since 2011, the neighbors were all quite reasonable, some open-minded and not one hired legal counsel, or engaged in like behavior. To sum it up succinctly in a lesson for other treatment entrepreneurs: Few neighbors = less NIMBY risk. But obviously, in the heavily populated Northeast, this ideal type property configuration combined with reasonable neighbors is extremely difficult to find and thus might turn out be very valuable - and likely very attractive to the growing numbers in recent years of both strategic and financial investors in addiction treatment. Within a couple of months, Adler expects that a bit more than 80 beds will be available at Serenity Acres, up from just shy of 40.

Very Attractive Prices

Adler says that closing on the purchase of the last two homes is days away and that, including the value of four homes bought and reconfiguration and remodeling costs, $4M has recently been invested. And, very importantly, it appears that Serenity Acres offers a great deal of amenities and care for what is among the most reasonable prices Treatment Magazine has recently encountered. Adler says that each house is a kind of self-contained center and program, gender-specific and clients are treated from detox all the way through graduation at the house they were admitted, which of course has the effect of maximizing the peer-to-peer therapeutic impact. The bottom line: Adler says it's $20K all-in for 30 days; he accepts insurance and once a client is approved they are admitted and pay nothing except their deductible later when that is billed. Of course, $20K is an impossible sum for the vast majority of Americans to come up with and if one's insurance carries no out-of-network then "you aren't coming to Serenity Acres," admits Adler. Of course, that's unless you cash pay, but Adler says the vast majority of his payor mix has been insurance pay.

Northeast Competition About to Turn Red Hot

If there was proof that competition is heating up dramatically along the Eastern Seaboard from Boston all the way to Florida's southern tip, as Treatment Magazine predicted years ago it would as the "Malibu Model" was imported and imitated there, as well as other types of treatment investment, then Serenity Acres is it. And there's much more, more we have already written about, and more to come that we plan on writing about. So stay tuned.

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