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01/17/2016 -ATIN - A Kentucky doctor, who when they started out decades ago wanted nothing but to have a quiet family practice but instead wound up taking a job at a treatment center that launched them on a lifelong career as an addiction doc, told the AP (Associated Press news service) today that more family doctors must get involved in looking at addiction, especially the heroin crisis, the report said. Apparently the doc was unaware that alcohol problems are also a major crisis at current levels, with the Centers for Disease Control reporting just last week that deaths directly attributable to alcohol abuse have reached all time highs, killing 30,000 nationwide in 2014.

Family Docs are Getting More Training Than Ever

And the Kentucky doc, Mina "Mike" Kalfas, and many other similar cries from other addiction docs are being increasingly heard. For example, Caron's new chief medical officer, Dr. Joe Garbely, told Treatment Magazine in a July Special Report last year that the world renown non-profit for which he had just started working for at the time, is training more docs on its Pennsylvania home campus than ever before. And CEO Doug Tieman is well along the way in raising funds for a multi-million dollar medical center, one of whose chief aims is to have a fully accredited training program with Garbely in charge of training docs in a program that will have dozens of young medical professionals enrolled at any given time.

More Addiction Meds are Attracting Primary Care Docs

And as more effective meds to treat addiction become available, just last week a committee of experts recommended that the FDA approve a buprenorphine implant called Probuphine, chronically underpaid primary care docs - compared to many specialist docs like heart surgeons, etc... - are becoming more attracted to getting training in addiction medicine as a way to boost their practices, with many addiction docs in recent years telling Treatment Magazine that interest in addiction medicine as a specialty has been increasing dramatically.

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