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01/09/2012 - ATIN- A new service is being launched that may bring a consumer auction platform along the lines of Priceline and EBay to the addiction treatment drug rehab and alcohol rehab industry, seeking to auction beds and perhaps outpatient slots in much the same way that hotel rooms, air travel and a host of other goods and services are now sold over the Internet. The introduction of Priceline and other such Internet auction platforms revolutionized many consumer industries by bringing enormous price transparency to markets previously far more price opaque and by putting big power into the hands of consumers when it comes to price setting. But the markets for hotel rooms and air travel, and other consumer markets, were still FAR more price transparent pre-Priceline than the market is today for addiction treatment services and, thus, if Book Your Care, as the new service calls itself, is successful it has the potential to very seriously and radically transform the addiction treatment industry business landscape. It is highly unlikely that big players like CRC Health, Hazelden and Elements would initially participate as their large call center investments - CRC carries its National Resource Center on the books for big bucks - give them considerable advantage over smaller players, with the big centers thus being relatively well served by the status quo. But the very high degree of ownership fragmentation in the addictions industry - CRC is by far the biggest player yet accounts for perhaps just two or three percent of assets - combined with soaring business risk from the Tyranny of Google ($70 per click has recently been seen) could make Book Your Care an ideal platform by which smaller players could wash their hands of a highly complex, and increasingly very risky, marketing feat by simply putting their beds out to auction. If enough smaller centers participate, Book Your Care could become big and powerful enough to drag the bigger addictions players on to the auction platform kicking and screaming, which is what occurred in the market for hotel rooms on platforms like, Priceline and now many others. If Book Your Care does achieve this level of success, and a deep and liquid auction market in beds and other services materializes, Book Your Care will also function as what is known in places like the stock market as a platform for "price discovery," in other words a place where prices for addictions services can be quickly and reliably ascertained. The economic importance of this function is hard to overstate as price discovery could, for example, help addictions entrepreneurs quickly determine whether expansion was warranted or not, with high prices for beds on the platform indicating a shortage and thus signaling aggressive expansion and low prices signaling a glut and thus indicating expansion caution. Book Your Care did not immediately return emails or phone calls seeking comment



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The pricing is up to you
written by Michael Sigal, September 05, 2012
Ross, actually you have full control over pricing.

When you have an empty bed and want to sell it quickly, we will be
here when you need us. The process should benefit any treatment
provider regardless of size.

They are no up-front fees and no maintenance or membership fees or dues of any kind to be listed on The service is non-exclusive and available to you on as needed basis.

Michael Sigal
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written by Michael Sigal, September 05, 2012

You are absolutely right, the treatment industry has minimal standards
currently in place. That’s why clients face such a difficult choice while looking for treatment. We are trying to help!

Our 100 Points CareCheck is an extensive process we conduct while evaluating services offered, accommodations, health and safety, licensing, and staff credential verification.

We spent a lot of time designing it to make sure it is unbiased and free of any conflict of interest, while being fair to the providers. To do that, we use a variety of proprietary methods, including on-site reviews.

Yes, it is expensive to do on-site reviews, but given the critical importance of selecting the right facility, we’ve decided not to rely on sketchy evidence from unverified client testimonials.

In addition to our treatment professionals, we have also engaged a national network of professionals in the security, health and safety, investigative & mental health fields.

This unique process should provide clients and their families with the confidence that a facility provides a safe and secure environment, quality living accommodations, with desired amenities,
along with a treatment program that suits their loved ones specific needs.

We are also planning to extend the reviews to other services such as outpatient treatment, and detox services.

Michael Sigal
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written by Jeff Schwartz, September 03, 2012
This is an ingenious idea and about time someone came up with a plan to compete with the big guys. I checked out their web site and it seems like they are doing their diligence in really checking out the effectiveness of the treatment facilities they auction off.
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written by Ross , September 02, 2012
This might work for the big boys with 100 bed capacities, because they can afford to cut their prices by 30% or more, but for the other 90% of providers that have fewer than 20 beds, they will likely not be able to compete on this platform. When's the last time anyone used Priceline to book a travel related expense? The quality of hotels there are average at best, which is fine for the economy traveler, but who wants average treatment on the cheap?
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Where's the Beef? or Where's the 100 point QA?
written by Bill, September 01, 2012
Looking at the Book Your Care website and then looking at the participating rehabs, I wonder where's the beef? Let me see the 100 point on-site "CareCheck". The treatment industry has minimal standards currently in place. This on-line offering looks to capitalize on these minimal standards. The programs they are offering appear to be glorified hotels / sober living arrangements. The legal costs for this type of offering will be very high, whether there are disclaimers or not.

Again, let me see the 100 point CareCheck and then let me compare their analysis to my assessment and analysis.

I don't see this going anywhere after a period of time, but I was wrong about bottled water and may be wrong about this offering.
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